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Advertising your blog takes a lot of time and work. Time that you need to write with. Set up your blog to automatically tweet for each post or post to TUMBLR and you can spend more time writing while your TWITTER account does the marketing for you.

I sat up my WORDPRESS blog to automatically post to TUMBLR and my TUMBLR to automatically tweet for me, so every post is available to followers without me even clicking a button. Saves time and stress on me and keeps followers in the loop.

BTW I also have my TWITTER set up to post to my FB wall, and I use TWITTERFEED to get my posts to my FB pages too. For example, when I post to QUESTIONS AND ANCESTORS on BLOGGER, TWITTERFEED automatically posts to my FB page, THE FAMILY HISTORIAN for me and to TWITTER. Also BLOGGER is set up to automatically post every post to GOOGLE+ so all my followers fhere can see them as well.

TUMBLR    – twitter


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