Marketing on a tight budget is hard. As a blogger or artist, you may not have money to pay for an expensive marketing assistant or whatever. Free marketing is the way to go with your early low profit years that will hopefully become big profit years someday.

Lets look at a few options for the beginning blogger or other business owner that dont cost a fortune…. after all, what are the chances of ever winning the lottery?


most businesses can profit from a twitter account. it lets you market your products or services and keep in contact with fans or customers or clients or followers. and interacting with other tweeps can help people find you and your business so bonus. keyword in hashtags can be helpful here.


pinning your products onto a board at pinterest can not only get you noticed, it can also get you shared and most importantly, seen. if you dont have anything to pin today just browse around and start a board of interesting things you like, then other people who share that interest can find you faster.


you are probably on facebook a lot anyway, so why not share your products on a page there for your business. Friends and family are a good place to start your marketing campaign and if their friends can see your products too…. bonus. make sure if you market your business or products on fb that you set the sharing option to public so more people can see you. keywords in hashtags can be helpful here too.


you can find followers on instagram even if you dont post photos of gorgeous models in bikinis and everyone you follow is a potential follower or customer so dont be shy. like and follow in your spare time.


if you can make videos about your business or product, here is a great place to do that and if you cant like and follow other creators you like so other viewers can see you. positive comments on videos can help get you noticed too….


another great place to find like minded people and be seen is google plus. you can share your business and products here and people who like them can add you to their circles so you get seen by more prospective customers. bonus… hashtags are usually useful anywhere of course. especially here…


For obvious reasons, here is another site where you can see and be seen and help your business find more customers…


about me can help you get the word out to others in your circles and get you seen and you can make a really nice profile page for them to see there. bonus. more views and more followers…

hope this helped you spark some new marketing ideas for you and remember to put your website on every profile page you own and use it in your email signature too.

happy hunting and MERRY CHRISTMAS!




if i had a dollar for every time i got tired of seeing this word i could retire.