Sir Thomas West KG KB


Thomas is the 16th great grandfather of Ray

1. Ray is the son of [private mother] [confident] 
2. [Private] is the daughter of Eula Verta (Akers) Hancock [unknown confidence] 
3. Eula is the daughter of William McKinley Akers [unknown confidence] 
4. Will is the son of Leander Wade Akers [unknown confidence] 
5. Lee is the son of Catherine (Duncan) Akers [unknown confidence] 
6. Catherine is the daughter of Blanche Duncan Jr. [unknown confidence] 
7. Blanch is the son of Nancy Anna (Reed) Duncan [unknown confidence] 
8. Nancy is the daughter of Lucy (Spencer) Reed [unknown confidence] 
9. Lucy is the daughter of Abraham Spencer [unknown confidence] 
10. Abraham is the son of Abraham Spencer [unknown confidence] 
11. Abraham is the son of Thomas Spencer II [unknown confidence] 
12. Thomas is the son of Thomas Spencer [confident] 
13. Thomas is the son of Judith (Scrivener) Spencer [unknown confidence] 
14. Judith is the daughter of Elizabeth (Walsingham) Scrivener [confident] 
15. Elizabeth is the daughter of Guildford Walsingham [unknown confidence] 
16. Guildford is the son of Dorothy (Guildford) Walsingham [unknown confidence] 
17. Dorothy is the daughter of Barbara (West) Guilford [unknown confidence] 
18. Barbara is the daughter of Thomas West KG KB [confident] 
This makes Thomas the 16th great grandfather of Ray.