affiliations. dont bother.


affiliate programs may not make a full time income for a blogger but they may help by increasing your income a little. a good company to affiliate with is linkshare aka rakuten.

although i have not made any money from affiliation yet i hope to someday get a check from linkshare for all the cutting and pasting i have done.

i first tried commission junction but after all the time i spent placing ads on my site, they closed my account because i had very little traffic. not cool. dont waste your time with cj unless you are a celebrity with a huge viewing audience. they dont care about the little guy.

you can also affiliate with companies directly. i have deals with zazzle and amazon and some other companies. hoping for a check soon as i make very little from the old day job and the work is way too much for an old man at my age. a better income without the body aches and pulled muscles would be a dream come true.

i first started blogging as a way to get published and someone said that it would pay well. have not made any money from it to speak of. google ads will pay for clicks but you have to make a min of a hundred to get a check. may never happen in my life time.

while affiliations can give a small additional income… maybe, the real money is in merchandise. check out to design and sell your own merch.

seriously, there is no future in affiliating.