Sir Thomas de Mowbray, KG, “1st Duke of Norfolk, 6th Baron Mowbray, 7th Baron Segrave, Earl of Nottingham, Lord Marshal of England”


1. Ray is the son of [private father] [confident] 
2. [Private] is the son of May Catherine (Collins) Nichols [confident] 
3. Mamie is the daughter of Martha Callie (Bartlett) Collins [unknown confidence] 
4. Martha is the daughter of George Riley Bartlett [unknown confidence] 
5. George is the son of Leroy Garner Bartlett [unknown confidence] 
6. Leroy is the son of William Judson Bartlett [unknown confidence] 
7. William is the son of Gardner Bartlett [unknown confidence] 
8. Garner is the son of William Bartlett Jr. [unknown confidence] 
9. William is the son of William The Carpenter (Bartlett) Berkeley Sr. [unknown confidence] 
10. William is the son of Margaret (Brent) Bartlett [unknown confidence] 
11. Margaret is the daughter of Margaret (Pershall) Brent [unknown confidence] 
12. Margaret is the daughter of Anne (Sheldon) Peshall [unknown confidence] 
13. Anne is the daughter of Anne (Throckmorton) Sheldon [unknown confidence] 
14. Anne is the daughter of Muriel (Berkeley) Throckmorton [unknown confidence] 
15. Muriel is the daughter of Thomas Berkeley [unknown confidence] 
16. Thomas is the son of Maurice Berkeley [unknown confidence] 
17. Maurice is the son of Isabel (Mowbray) Berkeley [confident] 
18. Isabel is the daughter of Thomas (Mowbray) de Mowbray KG [confident] 
This makes Thomas the 16th great grandfather of Ray.