you never said good bye


you cant be gone

you never said good bye

i m all cried out

no tears left in my eyes

my broken heart

is hurting

and the pain

wont go away

wish it was me

and you were still here today.



dawn of a new day


the dawn of a new day is coming

the light is rising into the sky

follow the light

it will lead you out of darkness

and into a bright new day out of the night.

all you need is love.


all you need is love. the song says it and its true.
everyone needs to have someone to hold on to.
when you think no one gives a damn
the world is a cold and lonely hell
and when there is no hope
that things will change
it just might ring a bell
the lonely one who cries herself to sleep tonight
may not be there to talk to tomorrow
dont let your loved ones think no one cares
or you may not be able to handle the sorrow
depression is a killer
that whispers in your ear
life is hopeless
whats the use?
no one gives a damn about you here
people laugh at you behind your back
your worthless any way

no one will miss you
just go ahead and hang yourself today
if you know someone who has lost hope
or is depressed tonight
make sure you tell them right away
they matter and they belong in your life.
if you are depressed and suicidal
dont suffer in silence
the voice in your head is not your friend.
call for help now.


roots and wings


Dearest mother, You have given me 2 things. One is roots and the other wings. Roots to keep me grounded thru the toughest times, and wings to help me soar above my troubles into the sky.


happy mother’s day