Sir Thomas West KG KB


Thomas is the 16th great grandfather of Ray

1. Ray is the son of [private mother] [confident] 
2. [Private] is the daughter of Eula Verta (Akers) Hancock [unknown confidence] 
3. Eula is the daughter of William McKinley Akers [unknown confidence] 
4. Will is the son of Leander Wade Akers [unknown confidence] 
5. Lee is the son of Catherine (Duncan) Akers [unknown confidence] 
6. Catherine is the daughter of Blanche Duncan Jr. [unknown confidence] 
7. Blanch is the son of Nancy Anna (Reed) Duncan [unknown confidence] 
8. Nancy is the daughter of Lucy (Spencer) Reed [unknown confidence] 
9. Lucy is the daughter of Abraham Spencer [unknown confidence] 
10. Abraham is the son of Abraham Spencer [unknown confidence] 
11. Abraham is the son of Thomas Spencer II [unknown confidence] 
12. Thomas is the son of Thomas Spencer [confident] 
13. Thomas is the son of Judith (Scrivener) Spencer [unknown confidence] 
14. Judith is the daughter of Elizabeth (Walsingham) Scrivener [confident] 
15. Elizabeth is the daughter of Guildford Walsingham [unknown confidence] 
16. Guildford is the son of Dorothy (Guildford) Walsingham [unknown confidence] 
17. Dorothy is the daughter of Barbara (West) Guilford [unknown confidence] 
18. Barbara is the daughter of Thomas West KG KB [confident] 
This makes Thomas the 16th great grandfather of Ray.



pen names and aliases


so i saw this on the back of a box of cereal. to create your rap name you take a villain from a movie or book and add your middle initial. this also works with heroes.

my new pen names or aliases are now

  • darth e vader
  • doctor e doom
  • william e pratt
  • clark e kent
  • peter e parker
  • scott e summers
  • bruce e banner
  • bruce e wayne
  • matt e murdock
  • austin e powers

variations are of course possible like austin e kent or doctor e summers.

what are your pen names?  share them in the comments below…

your friend always,

Steve E Rogers.

owner of rayco


take your first name/ given name / surname/ middle name/ or nick name and add co to it. now you have the name of your company. what does it do?

president of renco


take your initials and add co to the end. now you have the name of your umbrella company. which owns all your other companies real and fictional. make it yours. ))

rip margot lois lane kidder :(


just have to say good bye to lois lane. seems like we are losing a lot of our childhood heroes and crushes these days. first carrie fisher and now my second favorite lois, margot kidder. how many of us cried when she was killed in her car on that superman movie? how many of us cheered when supes turned the world back and saved her later? how many of us would have done the same and damn the consequences? margot was americas sweetheart and even though she could not figure out clark’s secret she was pretty damn smart. if only the superman in injustice could have done that time in reverse trick, huh?

rest in peace margot kidder. you will be missed…