Sir Roger Vaughan of Tretower, 17th gg

Sir Roger Vaughan of Tretower, Kt. is your 17th great grandfather.



your father

Roger Vaughan, of Portham
her father

Sir Roger Vaughan of Tretower, Kt.
his father








52 years young.


spent my birthday with the children and grandson this year and we had some cake and ice cream and watched a movie… the kingmen … kind of a british james bond mixed with a little austin powers. and a dash of fast and furious. the movie was ok. but the time spent together with family is the important thing. something you cant have every year.

because times change and loved ones wont always be there. treasure the time you have together and support each other while you can. people change sure, but your ma and pa and your little girl are irreplaceable. let them know how much they mean before its too late.

life is short. dont waste time.

happy mother’s day


the crew here at renco publications hope you are all having a wonderful mother’s day and that the rest of the year is the best you ever had. may all your dreams and wishes come true and may you always look back on this day fondly… insert picture of flowers above.


rayshire mall. always open.


on the virtual continent of raylantis in the raylantic ocean sits the peaceful kingdom of raytopia and in the city of raylanta on the shores of loch rachel sits the virtual mall of rayshire county, the rayshire mall, founded by the count of rayshire, Count Raymond of Rayshire Castle. This lovely store is now open to the public on the information superhighway at the corner of rayshire mall blvd. and matthew avenue. come visit any time for a wide selection of stores and great discounts that are sure to help you find what you are looking for.

*rayshire mall is an affiliate of amazon and zazzle. always open.

snake oil salesmen and placebos


if you trust a con man you will get burned. a long time ago, a con man called a snake oil salesman started calling himself a doctor. he had a symbol with two snakes in it. just a coincidence of course.
the snake oil salesman sold alcohol to marks claiming it to be a cure for what ails you. this today is called medical practice but the name is now more used to describe politicians who do not sell you placebo medications at all.
if you called the doctors snake oil salesmen it would make them look bad so it had to be changed. yet many meds they prescribe today are unnecessary and often dangerous.

the perjury


Coming soon to theatres

The Perjury

One day a year the rich government lawmakers let the poor commit perjury for a whole night with no consequences… They really are running out of things to make a movie about huh? …

A BS Production…

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faceless book


Coming soon to theatres…

Faceless Book

A psycho travels the country collecting faces for his scrapbook from people he met online…

A BS Production…

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