1408… the directors cut…


1408… a psychological nightmare and a tear jerker. a trip through the nine levels of hell that Dante wrote about….  a crazy man checks into a hotel or is he….

the director’s cut of 1408 is a bit different from the theatrical version i am used to seeing but every bit as addictive… the jumps from one time and place to another… the phantoms and crazies of the past… the resetting bathroom and the mints on the pillow… the spook in the vents and the old man in the bathroom… the writer in the story seems to be trapped in a nightmare with only one way out… because that evil fucking room wont let him go.

as usual Stephen King lives up to his name with a tale that just might make you jump… you might want to watch it with the lights on… you might just want to sleep with the lights on… what was that noise?…

the writers long walk home has come full circle at last…

Bravo, Mr. King. King of spooky tales and horror movies… Bravo.




a person who indulges in hypocrisy.
synonyms: pretender, dissembler, deceiver, liar, pietist, sanctimonious person, plaster saint;

relating to or professing Christianity or its teachings.
“the Christian Church”
a person who has received Christian baptism or is a believer in Jesus Christ and his teachings.

Going to church every sunday does not make you a christian. neither does watching preachers on tv every day. if you talk the talk but do not walk the walk, then you are on the wrong path.
it isnt about going to an altar and asking for a golden ticket, and it isnt about jumping up and down and running around the pews and shouting gibberish to impress the others.
if you put your hand on the bible to take an oath and you hate your neighbor you are a hypocrite. if you hate another because of the color of their skin or their gender or their political views… if you hate someone because of the length of their hair or because they like the type of music you dont… if you hate someone for being jewish or muslim or catholic or protestant or baptist or holiness or methodist or a boy or a girl or a democrat or a republican, then you are not walking the walk and you need to get right with God…
dont be a hypocrite. dont judge others… you not only make yourself look bad… you make the religion you claim to cleave to look bad too……
Food for thought. Love thy neighbor. Dont hate.
God is Love. Love and hate are polar opposites; you cannot have God in your heart if it is filled with hate.
I hope i have not struck a nerve but if i have you need to talk to the Father right away.
Reading your bible wont get you through the gate and neither will a one time prayer. you have to walk the walk and stay on the straight and narrow path. there are no shortcuts or golden tickets to heaven.
Have a blessed week and talk to your heavenly Father each day.

dawn of a new day


the dawn of a new day is coming

the light is rising into the sky

follow the light

it will lead you out of darkness

and into a bright new day out of the night.

july anniversaries



01 Jul 1796 James Stewart died [share tree image]
01 Jul 1929 Richard Nichols [share tree] married Ollie Nichols [share tree]
02 Jul 1864 Henry Linville [share tree] married Chloe Linville [share tree]
02 Jul 1879 Amos Rule was born [share tree image]
03 Jul 1913 Robert Nichols was born [share tree image]
03 Jul 1865 Isaac Marion Linville was born [share tree image]
03 Jul 1850 Nan Davis was born [share tree image]
05 Jul 1758 Jacob Anderson was born [share tree image]
05 Jul 1918 Bettie Preston died [share tree image]
06 Jul 1718 Ann Nichols died [share tree image]
08 Jul 1901 Aaron Linville died [share tree image]
08 Jul 2007 Betty Hancock died [share tree image]
08 Jul 1752 Joseph Booth [share tree] married Sarah Booth [share tree]
09 Jul 1829 Thomas Young died [share tree image]
09 Jul 1730 John Wright died [share tree image]
10 Jul 1854 Gordon Leedy was born [share tree image]
10 Jul 1776 Mary Piggott was born [share tree image]
13 Jul 1704 Mary Nichols [share tree] married Thomas Nichols [share tree]
13 Jul 1871 Peggy King died [share tree image]
13 Jul 2017 Rachel Nichols died [share tree image]
13 Jul 1862 George Linville was born [share tree image]
14 Jul 1840 Jesse Warren died [share tree image]
14 Jul 1849 Charles Poff died [share tree image]
15 Jul 1716 Avarilla Warren was born [share tree image]
15 Jul 1971 James Nichols was born [share tree image]
18 Jul 1837 Isaac Booth died [share tree image]
20 Jul 1788 Agnes Stewart was born [share tree image]
20 Jul 1792 John Webb was born [share tree image]
24 Jul 1965 Howard Nichols [share tree] married Lorene Nichols [share tree]
24 Jul 1900 Stephen Morris died [share tree image]
24 Jul 1608 Philip Wodehouse was born [share tree image]
24 Jul 1845 John Nichols died [share tree image]
24 Jul 1800 Lydia Nichols died [share tree image]
25 Jul 1906 Kelly Bobbitt was born [share tree image]
25 Jul 1830 Elizabeth Wright died [share tree image]
25 Jul 1803 Thomas Hancock died [share tree image]
25 Jul 1816 John Nichols [share tree] married Peggy Nichols [share tree]
25 Jul 1792 Mary Wetzel [share tree] married Peter Wetzel [share tree]
26 Jul 1912 John Worley Linville was born [share tree image]
26 Jul 1881 Charles Poff died [share tree image]
28 Jul 2011 Hobert Akers died [share tree image]
28 Jul 1886 Catherine Duncan died [share tree image]
28 Jul 1846 Chrisitanna Wyser died [share tree image]
29 Jul 1947 Tressie Nichols died [share tree image]
29 Jul 1852 Isabelle Nichols was born [share tree image]
29 Jul 1811 Sarah Eliza Clevenger was born [share tree image]
30 Jul 1878 James Bourne [share tree] married Matilda Bourne [share tree]
31 Jul 1826 Drury Holland died [share tree image]
31 Jul 1782 John Stewart was born [share tree image]

Henry the First


Henry I “Beauclerc”, King of England is Ray Nichols, R-CTS1751’s 22nd great grandfather!

Ray Nichols, R-CTS1751
You → Pop
your father → Rufus Samuel Nichols, R-CTS1751
his father → Teressa Marcella Nichols
his mother → Michael O. King
her father → Margaret (Wright) King
his mother → James Grant Wright, Sr.
her father → Mary Whitledge Wright
his mother → William Grant, of Crichie
her father → Elizabeth Grant
his mother → Jean Erskine
her mother → Margaret Home
her mother → Mariot Haliburton
her mother → Patrick Halyburton, 5th Lord Dirletoun
her father → George Halyburton, 3rd/4th Lord Dirletoun
his father → Sir John Halyburton, 1st/2nd Lord of Dirletoun
his father → Marjorie Douglas, Countess of Atholl
his mother → Archibald Douglas “The Grim”, 3rd Earl of Douglas
her father → Sir James Douglas of Lothian, Lord Douglas
his father → Sir William “le Hardi” Douglas, 5th Lord of Douglas
his father → Martha de Carrick
his mother → Donnchadh I mac Gilbert, 1st Earl of Carrick
her father → Gilbert mac Fergus, Lord of Galloway
his father → Elizabeth FitzRoy
his mother → Henry I “Beauclerc”, King of England
her father

Archie moved to West Virginia


while i have been unable to find a census for archibald nichols and family in 1850, there was a farm census that shows that he was probably still in bedford va. then and after that he just basically disappeared from bedford.

apparently arch went to wv to stay with his daughter martha by 1860 and that is where his death certificate turns up. filled out by his soninlaw stephen morris of wv. meaning that he moved to west virginia with his daughter about or before 1860 and that is where he was laid to rest.

archibald was the son of john and martha payne nichols and the husband of judith hatcher. did he remarry after his wife died in 1819? i dont think so.

though there are rumors that he married polly updike or updyke in january of 1819 his wife did not die until april of that year and so i think not. there were rumors that he married martha jane basham but as i disclosed in an earlier post she married another archibald nichols who was born decades later.

it is more likely that he lived out his life in bedford county and died a widower. at this point that is the way it looks at least. arch served in the revolution and was a sergeant in the military before he retired but he was born in maryland where his family lived before the war.

the only evidence at this point that he died in west va. is the name of his son in law on his death record. meanwhile his son john was married and living in bedford in eighteen sixty. maybe he was living on archs land at the time… another piece of the puzzle that is my family tree that needs to be found….

Sir Ralph Shirley, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire


Ralph is the 16th great grandfather of Ray

1. Ray is the son of [private father] [confident] 
2. [Private] is the son of May Catherine (Collins) Nichols [confident] 
3. Mamie is the daughter of Martha Callie (Bartlett) Collins [unknown confidence] 
4. Martha is the daughter of George Riley Bartlett [confident] 
5. George is the son of Leroy Garner Bartlett [confident] 
6. Leroy is the son of William Judson Bartlett [confident] 
7. William is the son of Gardner Bartlett [confident] 
8. Garner is the son of William Bartlett Jr. [confident] 
9. William is the son of William -The Carpenter- (Bartlett) Berkeley Sr. [confident] 
10. William is the son of Margaret (Brent) Bartlett [confident] 
11. Margaret is the daughter of Richard Brent II [unknown confidence] 
12. Richard is the son of Elizabeth (Reade) Brent [unknown confidence] 
13. Elizabeth is the daughter of Katherine (Greville) Reade [confident] 
14. Katherine is the daughter of Fulke Greville MP [unknown confidence] 
15. Fulke is the son of Anne Denton [unknown confidence] 
16. Anne is the daughter of Isabel (Brome) Denton [unknown confidence] 
17. Isabel is the daughter of Beatrix (Shirley) Brome [unknown confidence] 
18. Beatrice is the daughter of Ralph Shirley [confident] 
This makes Ralph the 16th great grandfather of Ray.