Amazing movie night


so went to see Amazing Spiderman 2 last night. Not the worst movie ever made, but as usual for Marvel movies, not canon. Anyway, I kind of felt like they didnt give Pete enough mourning time before they sent him back to the street. just a few things i would have done differently… anyway.

Emma Stone was an amazing Gwen Stacy and I really want to see Harry die now. I want to see him fall off the empire state building and hit his head on the side walk just as Spidey’s web catches him. #bastard. And by the way I was a fan of Harry until now. Anyway, Norman was supposed to be the evil goblin and he didnt even do this trilogy? whats up with that? in fact, Marvel seems to have crossed over to the Sith side lately and they keep killing off the characters. Jamie Fox did a great Electro btw. 5 star costume.

How the hell do you do an X-men first class without Scott and Jean? in case some of you are newbies, the first class was supposed to be Scott and Jean and Iceman and Beast and Banshee and Professor X and Angel. wtf Marvel?

Also Beast should be in the Avengers. Hello?

Ugh! This crap is making me angry. Nuff said.