Art Dealers needed. #nowHiring


You can make some extra cash by selling art in your spare time. Buy it from anywhere you want and sell it anywhere you like. Sell it on Ebay or Craigslist. Sell it on Facebook or Twitter. Sell it on your own website or place ads. Youre the boss when youre working for you. Buy art from sites like Deviant Art or Zazzle. Buy art you absolutely love and someone else will love it too. Work when you want and how you want. And you do not have to leave your job to do it. 

Art dealers and galleries make a lot of money this way and they do not even sell all the rare art that is available online. Think of the potential sales that await you. Even if you do not sale them right away, you will have rare art that you love to enjoy until it sells. Is there a risk? Kind of. Can you make a big return? Absolutely. Can you hang the art in your home to enjoy until it is sold? Yes you can.     

This is a big market as most art is only sold by the artists or by galleries that do not take most artists work because they are unknown. The artists need your help. Hey, they don’t call us starving artists for nothing. Buy art you love and sell it for three times the cost or whatever price you want to sell it for. If somebody buys your favorite piece you can use the check you cash to get another.   

You might even wind up with your own gallery…  

Ray Nichols