This is my Classic Rock Song


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Girl you’re everything to me. When you’re close I cannot breathe. You’re my sun, my moon and stars. Everything I need. You’re the center of my world. You’re my one and only girl. Without you there is no me. You inspire me.

This is my classic rock song. If you like it sing along.

Girl you’re smile is infectious and you’re look is perfectious without you I cannot breathe. You’re love gives life to me. I get lost in your eyes and I don’t want to be found. My whole life is complete when you are around.

May 2014


William Hancock of Jamestown


My eleventh great grandfather William was born in England and died in Jamestown during the Massacre of 1622. He was the husband of Susan Poynter and had at least three sons. Simon, Augustine and William. He was killed by indians at the Berkeley Hundred Plantation.

He is believed to be the son of Thomas Hancock and Agnes Nickolls…

a poem: a verse that rhymes


As poetry month is quickly drawing to a close, i will try to write a new poem here today without apology or plan…. wish me luck…

a poem

a verse that rhymes

not always but

some of the time

a paragraph

maybe two or three

written by me

maybe more if it please

a poetic license

un bought but earned

that turns a story

into a lesson learned

i make no apology

for this rhyme

it was not planned

and i had the time.





Simon, son of William Hancock


My tenth great grandfather Simon was the son of William Hancock and Susan Poynter of England. He was born in England about 1612 and had at least two brothers. William and Augustine. Legend says they came to Jamestown sometime after the death of their father in 1622 to claim their inheritance.

Simon married Sarah, her surname may have been Gilbert. She is believed to be the widow of a Sir — Gaye.


  • sarah Hancock


  • William sr. 9x – son of Simon- Hancock


  • simon jr. Hancock




  • elinor ann Hancock


William 9x Hancock


Ninth Great Grandfather William Hancock was the son of Simon Hancock and his wife Sarah. What was Sarah’s surname? idk for sure. Maybe Gaye or Gilbert.

William married Elizabeth Cockcroft, some say she was born in Holland, some say Virginia. I suppose Virginia is more likely but who knows… Some call her Sarah so i call her Sarah Elizabeth. She was the dau of William Cockcroft and Elizabeth Burnette…

Some say they were married in 1668 and some in 1660.


  • John 8X “cockcroft” Hancock


  • william jr. 9gu1672 “cockcroft” Hancock


  • SAMUEL — son of wm- married his cousin – HANCOCK


Col. John Washington to Sir William Malet


The trail to William Malet from my ninth great grandfather, Col. John Washington…

William Malet to John Washington
Colonel John Washington is William Malet, Baron of Curry Mallet and
Surety of the Magna Carta’s 14th great grandson.
William Malet, Baron of Curry Mallet and Surety of the Magna Carta
→  Lady Mabel Malet
his daughter → Baron William ‘Fort’ Fortibus de Vivonne, Lord of Chewton
her son →  Cecilia (Cicely) de Beauchamp
his daughter → John de Beauchamp, 1st Baron Beauchamp
her son →  John de Beauchamp, 2nd Baron Beauchamp
his son →  Lady Eleanor de Beauchamp
his daughter → Sir Walter Blount, Kt., of Barton
her son →  Constance Constantine Blount
his daughter →  Sir John Sutton, VI, 1st Baron Dudley
her son → Sir Edmund Sutton, of Dudley
his son →  John Sutton
his son →  Margaret Butler
his daughter →  Sir William Butler, of Tyes Hall
her son →  Margaret Washington
his daughter →  Reverend Lawrence Washington
her son →  Colonel John Washington
his son

so yes these are all ancestors and Sir William Malet is a Magna Carta
Surety Baron. I am working on this line at Wikitree now as part of the Magna Carta Project…

songwriter with bmi


finished setting up my account with recently. will have to register all of my songs there i guess or maybe just the instrumentals. should i join ascap too?

you can buy my tracks at by the way.