six years old today


our little blog is turning six today… my how it has grown…. seems like only yesterday it was just a little page with nothing on it. now its six. light a candle for me true believers. and remember your friendly neighborhood blogger and his little six year old blog.

peace and excelsior

live long and prosper

connecting this blog to tumblr and twitter


publishing each post now to tumblr and twitter, which means not only can you follow me via email but also via tumblr and twitter

on the dashboard go to personalize then customize then connect and add your tumblr and twitter sites… its just that simple. thank you wordpress… oh and btw…

you’re welcome.

cinco de bloggo


started blogging here about 5 years ago. would probably write a lot more if i could make money doing it but you play the hand fate deals you. been kind of fun though…

yes i know its bad spanish. its a rare phrase. in raytopian it means five years of blogging.


thanos is not a hero


thanos is not a hero. he is a genocidal maniac. a bastard. a monster. anything bad you can think of… but he is not a hero and he will never be a god. small wonder that even death did not like him. sure he may be tall and hard to kill, but the whole nazi hitler mindset makes him an agent of chaos and evil and rotten to the core. only a pure asshole would think that killing half the world would be good for it.

life is fragile and a delicate balance must be maintained for us to survive. the anguish and grief of losing half our friends and family alone would cause some people to cease to function. the world would face catastrophic apocalyptic disasters beyond imagining.

thanos is a scumbag but he is in no way a hero. only a total douchebag would call him a hero. only a follower of marx and hitler could think for a second that thanos is anything less than the embodiment of pure evil. he did not even love his daughter who he claimed to be his only love. he threw her off a cliff. there is no love or mercy in him and he did not deserve to be rewarded for his works.

i hope thor gets the chance to make good his promise and slays this monster as it should be. some things dont deserve to live and thanos is one of them.

make money with amazon


write a book and publish it and sell it on amazon. they will sell your ebook or paperback for you and you can just share the link and move on to the next project…

another way to make money with amazon is to send items to them and let them sell them for you. fees apply, but its a good way to warehouse those garage sale items and sell them without taking up space in your home…

a third way to make money with amazon is the affiliate program but i dont recommend it as you have to make a certain number of sales right away or they cancel your account making all your links and banners useless… at least to you. no doubt they will still take the sales from your old banners and just not give you royalties from it. unless you have a fan base that loves to shop from your site the associates program is probably not for you. i would not mind having to reapply for the program if they did not change my links and force me to go back and delete all my links and do them over…. boo amazon.

although the associates program totally sucks, amazon is probably the biggest merchant online and has a lot of potential for your yard sale items or your books. why cant i sell my mp3s and movies there?


a good place to write your novel


so you want to write a novel… whether you do it in 30 days in November or just want to write in your spare time some other month, you can write your docs in google docs….

google docs will save after each change and hold your finished draft for changes later. also you can download it when it is done and ready to publish… its a great tool for writers and you can download each new version separately if you wish. think of it as your home office at or away from home.

and when you are ready to download and publish your finished project, amazon has author central waiting to help with your sales.

this has been your friendly neighborhood author.

keep writing…